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passengers now experience inclusive travel

We are live at

Kempegowda International Airport!


My name is Athmika Krishnan and I am a 12th grader studying in Bangalore, India.

I founded Project Suryakamal in May 2020. It started out as an initiative for school, and over the next two years, would quickly become a salient passion of mine.


I have a cute dog, I use big words like "salient" all the time, and I dream of changing the attitude around acceptance and accessibility in public spaces in India.

our impact.

Testimonial by Chitra Paul,

parent of a child on the Autism spectrum for improved travel experiences as a result of Project Suryakamal

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Testimonial by Ruth Rabet, Director and Co-Founder of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme, for my role in orchestrating BIAL launch

news features.

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"Without the acceptance (of hidden disabilities), we can't even begin to solve the problems we face as people with hidden disabilities."

- Ms. Kirtida Oza

Ms. Kirtida Oza has Sjogren's syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that presents many challenges in her daily life.

Dharneshwari is an employee at Mitti Cafe who is visually impaired.

With the pandemic,  She was hired by Mitti Cafe, and now services hundreds of customers, living independently and freely. 

She uses the Sunflower Lanyard to inform her customers about her invisible disability, making the service experience smooth and quick for both Dharneshwari and customers.

"At the age of twelve, I was unable to be integrated with any school in Bangladesh. They did not understand me, so how could they understand how to help me? I was not diagnosed, but having learned and been interested in it (invisible disabilities), I found out."

After raising his daughter to live without limits and inspiring her to be a foreign diplomat, he began a program in Bangladesh to integrate inclusive education for children with invisible disabilities.

~Mr. Arosh Ali, a British-Bangladeshi who is a parent to a daughter with dyslexia.

Through this process, he learned more about his own identity and an invisible disability that wasn't diagnosed or supported when he grew up in Bangladesh. He shares his experience of attending school in Bangladesh with us. 

"The real stories connect people."

Mr. Arosh Ali says this when referencing the power of stories to create empathy for a struggle.

stories of invisibility.

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Project Suryakamal started in May 2020. Since then, we've worked with organizations like Big Bazaar, Cytecare Cancer Hospitals, Mitti Cafe, Enable India, and most notably Kempegowda International Airport.


Check out our journey from day 1 in this slideshow.

day one.

I found a customer support email address on the airport website and introduced my idea, expecting no response.

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our journey.

Our work

how we work.


self advocacy

We've implemented QR code tags on all lanyards that, when scanned, explain the disability and how to assist.


NGO partnership

We collaborate with NGOs like Enable India, Mitti Cafe, and Ishaanya India Foundation to raise awareness.

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staff training

We train staff in corporates that service PWIDs to be sensitive, accepting, and inclusive to invisible disabilities.

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Project Suryakamal works closely with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme Lmt. to bring a system of self-advocacy to Indians with hidden disabilities. We are currently operational in Mitti Cafe, Cytecare Cancer Hospitals, and Kempegowda International Airport.

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