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I have a Hearing Impairment

I have total or significant loss of hearing in one or both ears. This means that I may have difficulty hearing and understanding sounds.

Face me, remove your mask, and speak clearly. Please don't shout or make exaggerated motions. You may also use writing or text to communicate with me. I may also communicate using sign languages such as ASL, ISL, PSL or another form. 

Most of all, be empathetic and listen to my needs. Thank you!

Every Disability is Unique

These digital disability ID tags are to help you recognize someone's hidden disability so you can better help them!

However, don't forget that every disability is unique, and every disabled individual requires their own unique support. Listed above are just some general measures you can take to help out an individual with this disability. They may need additional support, specific to their presentation of this disability.


Listen to their needs and help them if they ask!

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